Poole College’s Best Prospect: Vishal Shah

Vishal Gaurang Shah is a college student and aspiring financial professional enrolled at North Carolina State University. Attending Poole College of Management at the University, Vishal majors in Finance and minors in Economics. His goal is to eventually become the head consultant in a prominent financial firm in the United States, focusing on financial corporate assets.


Vishal has applied a focused and methodical approach to his career, even while still in college. He has an impressive range of skills and abilities centered on key areas of the financial industry. Among the skills that he has already garnered are statistical economic forecasting, financial mortgage consulting, and entrepreneurship. Because of his exemplary academic performance, cognitive abilities, and broad intellectual knowledge, he has earned considerable praise from his instructors at the college, as well as from his peers.

Even with such a busy schedule, Vishal still finds time to attend to a number of philanthropic causes which he is passionate about. He is a regular volunteer at the Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte where he was born in 1996, having racked more than 300 hours of service over the course of two years. His main responsibilities at the hospital include personally attending to the needs of patients, managing patient records, and assisting hospital staff with a wide range of tasks. His volunteer work at the hospital has definitely paid off in many ways, with his extensive experience playing an instrumental role in helping him win first place at the HOSA State Competition on clinical nursing.


Gaining the respect and admiration of his peers and leading figures in the community is a definite perk for Vishal Gaurang Shah. But for the caring and helpful young man from Charlotte, North Carolina, the true reward is the joy and satisfaction that he ultimately derives from being of service to others. Although he is already well on his way to establishing a lucrative and busy career, volunteer work is something that he intends to devote his time, efforts, and resources to well into the future.

Remarkably enough, Vishal is still able to accommodate a number of other leisurely pursuits that he is passionate about. A promising athlete when he was younger, Vishal counts basketball and soccer as two of his favorite sports. Although he opted not to pursue a professional athletic career, the discipline, focus, and commitment that he picked up during his years of playing continue to inform his dedicated approach to his professional career well into his later years.


As he reached his late teens, Vishal Gaurang Shah picked up a number of other interests, with deep-sea fishing and long-distance running heading his list of current leisure activities. A casual invitation to go on a deep-sea fishing expedition in 2015 planted the seed for a new passion that he now approaches with the same vigor and commitment he applies to his budding financial career. At present, he is in the midst of a grueling training program in preparation for an upcoming marathon that will be held in his home town.